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Power tool solution
In 2005, E-One Moli Eenrgy cooperated with Milwaukee Electric Tools to launch the worldwide first high power li-ion battery for cordless power tool. The introduction of the IMR26700 will allow E-One Moli to enter new markets previously only served by lead acid, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride batteries, such as electric bicycles, power tools and potentially electric or hybrid-electric vehicles.
‧Module introduction
Modulate pack system: customize module system ranging 3.6V~28V with multi-cells applications.
Specialize in 14.4V、18V、28V
Capable of OEM/ODM inquiries: Power cell +Smart gas gauge and protection board + Safe-guard base charger.


Lawn mower, Reciprocating saw, Circular saw, Reciprocating saw


Pistol screwdriver




Band saw, hammer-drill, Circ saw, Rotary hammer


Electric pruner


Rotary hammer, JIG saw, Impact wrench


Band saw, Circular saw, Driver/Drill, Right-angel drill, Hammer-drill, Screwdriver

The Power Tool market is experiencing a revolution due to the introduction of the usage of Lithium-ion cell. Because of its lightweight and high energy density, the advantages of using Lithium-ion cell on cordless power tools are evident (longer run time, lighter weight, and more design flexibility).. The IMR series of cells produced by E-One Moli Energy include all the above advantages along with – high temperature operation, low impedance, high discharge current stability, 3.7V~ 3.8V functional with Lithium-ion manganese material.

In 2006, E-One Moli Energy ranked second in the world in terms of sales revenues for the power tool Lithium-ion manganese oxide (spinel) cell. In 2007, estimated annual sales for power tool Lithium-ion manganese oxide (spinel) cells will reach 1.35 million units, thanks to orders from world class power tool makers, gardening tool makers and air-pressure tool makers. E-One Moli Energy is also riding the fast wave by forming strategic alliances with branding and manufacturing partners to seek opportunities globally and maintaining a leading position.

Aside from the mass production capability for power tools industry, E-One Moli Energy has recently developed series IMR-26700 high power cell. This high-end product line is used by the US Military and has received high creditation for its performance and reliability in military radio systems, military computers and rugged flashlights.