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>Power application
Power application
E-One Moli Energy offers cell research and design, applied battery pack design, and total solutions for cells, battery packs, and chargers (standardized or customized ).
Power Tool Solution
In 2005, E-One Moli Eenrgy cooperated with Milwaukee Electric Tools to launch the worldwide first high power li-ion battery for cordless power tool. The introduction of the IMR26700 will allow E-One Moli to enter new markets previously only served by lead acid, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride batteries, such as electric bicycles, power tools and potentially electric or hybrid-electric vehicles.more
Garden Tool Solution
Garden tool” coming to Li-ion power system tools. Molicel provides you with the green power system for garden tools. Li-ion battery is replaced NiCd、NiMH battery NOW. Garden tools are powered by Molicel 28V and 14.4V Eco-friendly Li-ion battery pack for lighter weight, more power and longer run time. Molicel is your professional turnkey solution provider. more
Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV) Solution
Currently, many countries show increasing interest in environment-friendly, rechargeable batteries for sustainability and CO2 reduction. Lithium-ion batteries can hold more energy than the nickel- metal hydride and are widely predicted to replace nickel metal-hydride batteries currently used in most hybrid vehicles. In the automobile market, E-One Moli’s core business strategy is to co-develop electric vehicle battery with automobile makers. The company has supplied Li-ion batteries for world-wide car markers, such as BMW in Europe, Fisker in North America, and some other companies in Asia. more
E-Motorcycle Solution
E-One Moli has been a battery supplier for ZERO Motors since 2007 and starts to develop the 48V e-motorcycle battery solution. more
E-bike Solution
German Bicycle Power Association - has recently certified E-One Moli Energy’s “Total lithium-ion cell solution for Electric Powered Bike”, with impressively high scores. The solution is also highly regarded by world-renowned electric bicycle makers such as Shoprider, Luyuan and Merida. There has been extensive quality and reliability testing in test laboratories throughout the world with outstanding results. more
Solar Solution
Lithium-ion Power Systems are the most commonly used systems to store natural power. It isproven that lithium-ion systems are able to convert the most electricity with least lost, give instant high output with a conversion rate as high as 99%. more
Solar Street Lamp Solution
Because the government of North America, Europe, China, and Japan has decided to phase out incandescent lamps in favor of energy-saving lamps, the LED will be the major application of the fundamental infrastructure.  In the emerging market, such as, China or India, the local government welcomes the green products, such as, LED street lamp, or solar power energy storage system. E-One Moli’s street-lamp solution integrates the solar panel, LED lamp, and battery into one system. This battery pack contains specifications of Li-Ion battery safety request (protection circuit) and complied ROHS. more