E-One Moli Energy Corp. established in 1998, a world-class manufacturer of high performance, superior quality rechargeable lithium-ion cells product.

Known for more than 40 years’ leading position in battery industry by the brand name MOLICEL®, E-One Moli has been focusing on ultra-high power cylindrical cell niche segment; its profound technology and fast growing production capacity have been recognised by global OEMs in the fields of motorsports and high-end automotives, aircrafts, medical, home appliances and power tools.

About Molicel

Part of Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Group, Taiwan’s first IPO company in 1962.

TCC Group Holdings

Taiwan's only all-round energy group with capabilities of research and development in green energy, battery cell, BESS and fast-charging solution for electric vehicles.

Technology, product reliability and collaboration are our commitments toward success.

With over 40 years’ professional knowhow, MOLICEL® works closely with strategic partners so to keep its technology stay adavneced, innovative, commercially available and just right for focus applications.

Brand & Timeline


MOLICEL® was founded in 1977, an early research group dedicated in lithium battery.

A brand known for first manufacturer of lithium metal rechargeable cell in the world and first Li-ion cell in North America.

A brand proud of its own self-challenge gene, technology & quality achievements and customers' revolutionary successes.

Core Business

High Energy Density and High Power Density Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cells

Molicel Products



Mother Group

Taiwan Cement Corporation


Headquarters & APAC Sales Office
Taipei, Taiwan
R & D center for Advanced Production and Advanced Battery Technologies & Manufacturer Plant
Tainan, Taiwan
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013
IATF 16949
Advanced Li-ion battery Laboratory & Gigafactory
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
ISO 14001:2015*
ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949*
R & D Center for Advanced Materials & Europe and Americas Sales Office
Maple Ridge BC, Canada
ISO 9001: 2015



INR-18650-P30B, the market-leading ultra-high power cells with best power-to-energy ratio launched

New gigafactory in Kaohsiung to begin mass producing 21700 in Q3

Partner- McMurtry revealed Spéirling PURE for street legal version

Partner- Latest new EVNürburgring record powered Molicel

Partner- MotoE World Championship racing bikes in 2023-2026 powered by Molicel

Partner- Archer Aviation’s Midnight eVTOL receives FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate


Technically partnering with McMurtry. They set a new all-time record at Goodwood, Festival of Speed, UK

Selected by eVTOL manufacturer Vertical Aerospace to develop and supply VX4 into service

Partnering with KULR for battery safety and thermal management solutions


Cooperated with Williams Advanced Engineerin to develop electrification of heavy-duty trucks

New generation 4.5Ah P45B launched, highest capacity in the high power cell market

Selected by the Croatian supercar brand for 150 vehicles limit production

Groundbreak for new Gigafactory in Kaoshiung, Taiwan


Won Taiwan's first ESS Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) tender 5MW capacity hosts by Taipower

Selected by the British supercar brand for 130 vehicles limit production


500kWh BESS system deployed in Tainan Plant (Taiwan)


Collaborate with Uber Elevate for eVTOL battery pack development

Taiwan’s first public tender for 1MWh ESS Longjing Project for ITRI


Power cell approved by leading cordless vacuum cleaner maker


Teamed up with ITRI Green Energy Department for 1 MWh Solar Energy Storage System


Cooperated with ITRI to for Taiwan's first made-in-Taiwan electric car


Qualified by Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co., Ltd. (HAITEC)

Completion of Tainan 2nd manufacturing plant


Teamed up with Advanced Lithium Power for Fisker’s HEV application

Teamed up with ITRI for three wheeled electric vehicle


Launched 24V & 36V battery pack for OHM Electric Bikes

Teamed up with AC Propulsion for BMW’s Mini E

Launched first Asus EeePC "NetBook" battery pack


NB battery pack for military industry via Global Defense Initiative

High-power battery cell for ZERO e-Motorcycle

Received Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) fund for HEV project


ISO 14001:2004 certified


Sole battery provider of CTO (US Department of Defense's foreign purchase sector) in Asia


Cooperated with power tool maker M to announce world’s first power tool Li-ion battery pack

Launched the first 18650 Li-ion cell for power tool application in the world


Cell and pack certified by leading consumer electronics maker A

Cell certified by laptop maker D & maker T


ISO 9001:2000 certified

Cell and pack certified by laptop maker H


E-ONE MOLI ENERGY CORP. acquired NEC Moli Energy (Canada) Limited

Completion of Tainan 1st manufacturing plant




MOLICEL® the brand founded


MOLI Energy (Canada) founded


Our active momentum comes from solid technology knowhow, application-driven approaches and high social responsibility.

Keeping reasonable corporate profit in mind, MOLICEL® believes “the future is worth it”.

Pushing limit of battery energy density while keeping great power density is our ongoing mission because our goal is to satisfy those gamechangers who believe in greener life, higher mobility performance and longer lifetime all three key features should not be trade off.

MOLICEL® continues deliver safe and high power as cornerstone features for revolutionary mobile products which will shape human's new life but also realise sustainability for mother earth.

For those power demanding applications on the ground , in the air and in the water , by a powerful and sustainable method.

While facing more and more urgent callings from damaged environment, transportation as one of major emission sectors has now finally identified battery as key role for it not only ends ICE’s carbon emissions but further improving the efficiency for energy utilization.

Thus as a battery cell manufacturer, our reaction to this booming demand is to create a much bigger operation window product in terms of energy capacity plus power capability. So this foundation element can ensure system level customers to reserve less buffer (of capacity, thermal dissipation parts etc.) and still able to release more power it contains under safe condition. We believe this unique capability that our cells present is a right solution especially batteries nowadays are designed to go on a much longer journey than before. Consistent power performance and sustainability both matter!

As one of the world’s leading producers of lithium-ion cells, Molicel® continues to pioneer the development of technologies so to deal with energy challenges from now and in the future.