Ultra-high Power Cell


INR-18650-P30B is the market-leading ultra-high power cells with best power-to-energy ratio ever in 18650 format. It features 3.0Ah for 100W discharge and 3C fast charge power.

Continuing the success of the 21700 low-impedance power cell INR-21700-P45B, the first low-impedance version of this new generation 18650 power cell offers several noteworthy improvements as a low impedance version over its predecessor, the P28A.

The full-range fast charging rate has been significantly increased from 2C to 3C with both high-speed charging and high-power output. P30B is capable of maximum continuous cycling at high current up to 36A. Boasts a significant 60% reduction in DCR compared to P28A, which contributes to improved overall efficiency and performance. The high-power discharge capability has increased from 80W to 100W, an increase of 20%.
After 500 cycles of 100W discharge, it can retain incredibly up to 75% of initial run time.

This power cell is designed to cater to the premium segment in various applications, holding great potential for motorsports, micro-mobility (e-skateboards, e-surfboards), heavy lift drones, and more.

  • Nominal Voltage (V)3.6V
  • Typical Capacity3.0Ah (10.8Wh)
  • Discharge Current (MAX)36A
  • Energy Density631 Wh/l
    234 Wh/kg
  • bolt Up to 100W High retention for discharge power up to 100W continuously
  • loop 500 Cycles 75% capacity retention by 100W discharge/1C charge
  • electrical_services Fast Charge 9A continues charge
  • south_west Lowest DCIR Lowest internal resistance 15.39mOhm
  • trending_down Low Impedance Growth Over long cycle
  • thermostat Thermal Controlling In cell thermal distribution optimized (2 ℃)
Fast charge
Mid Rate
High Rate
 Molicel Battery Chart - DCIR
 Molicel Battery Chart - Fast charge
+1C/-20A CycleMolicel Battery Chart - Mid Rate
+1C/-100W CycleMolicel Battery Chart - High Rate


Racing Performance

This 18650 ultra-high power cell is designed to cater to the premium segment in various applications, holding great potential for sports/off-road ebikes, 2 wheels’ motorsports, micro-mobility (e-skateboards, e-surfboards), heavy lift drones, high-end power tools & garden tools, vacuum cleaners, home appliances, and more.

The information contained herein is for reference only and does not imply a performance guarantee or a product warranty. Specifications and characteristics are subject to change without prior notice. For application specific information, please contact E-One Moli Energy Sales and Applications or the nearest MOLICEL® recognized agent.

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