Advanced R&D


Advanced R&D team constantly strives for higher energy density cells that operate across a wide temp. range and offer long cycle life.

Our Foundation & Growing Engines

Expertise, experiences and specialized methodologies.

From product design to manufacturing engineering, our R&D teams play a central role in driving advanced technology forward on time and with good value.

MOLICEL® has accumulated extensive expertise and knowhow, valuable database and design, validation methodologies over the past 40 years in chemical research and manufacturing.

Our focus is to develope leading ultra-high power, high quality & high reliability cylindrical cells in 21700 & 18650 format

MOLICEL® dedicates R&D resources in two domains that makes our key foundations valuable for battery ecosystem partners. For product development, latest chemical materials and key parts are deeply and widely surveyed with top suppliers to ensure our long term customers stay benefit from our technology roadmap.

Manufacturing management is a sophisticated engineering in response to materials’ characteristics and improved equipment, materials to mass production.

Market intelligence is also key engine for product development that we explore from newest material research to application-driven specifications and advanced production research & manufacturing so to keep our core competence always ready for next generation.

Technology Transformation

Cathode Chemistry
Battery Type
Cylindrical 26700
LCO Power Cell
LPC (Large Prismatic Cell)
NMC 622, NMC 532
Cylindrical 21700 & 18650
Cylindrical 21700 & 18650
Our Team

Expert Team

Experienced scientists and engineers are one of great intangible assets which make MOLICEL® trustworthy and stand out among others.

Due to extreme complexities of battery chemistry material/formula and manufacturing process, R&D management team’s expertise is MOLICEL®’s key of achieving battery cells superior performance, safety, quality.

Casey Shiue
Strategy, Operation, General Management
Brian Way
Chief Scientist
David Huang
Manufacturing Engineering & Quality
Frank So
Manufacturing & Process
Eastern Yang
Lester Yeh
Chemistry Research, Cell Design & Production
Bryan Wood
Chemistry Research
Hermes Yu
Manufacturing Engineering
Lee Moshurchak
Materials Research
Geoff Norman
Product Engineering
Mark Shoesmith
Product Development
Tracy Wong
Cell Assembly & Testing
Ahmed Akuka
Quality Systems
Our Commitment

Friendly Solutions

MOLICEL® is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations on quality and safety by being honest, cooperative and professional.

Environmental issues are a key business consideration. As part of our corporate responsibilities, significant efforts in time, money and research are used to ensure a high standard of compliance. From top management team to operational employees, we strive to provide the most environmentally friendly solutions by following the policies below:

  • Educate our employees and encourage a strong sense of social responsibility towards the environment.
  • Comply with environmental safety laws/regulations.
  • Continually improve on environmental safe processes, control and materials.
  • Effectively manage resources and waste recycle.

Quality Management System

MOLICEL® commits to maintain a total integrated Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and
ISO 14001:2015. The company is certified to Underwriter’s Laboratories Client Test Data Program.

Performance Tests

Cells made by MOLICEL® are UL/CUL certified, and comply with ROHS, DOT, IATA, UN.

Molicel Battery

Product Testing Requirements

MOLICEL® performs routine performance and safety tests to ensure compliance to all customer and regulatory requirements.

These tests include:

Performance Tests

✓ Discharge Capability
✓ Cycle Life
✓ Storage Performance
✓ Application specific

Safety Tests

✓ Electrical Tests
✓ Mechanical Tests
✓ Environmental Tests
✓ Projectile Test
✓ Application specific