TCC Launches Taiwan’s First AFC Energy Storage System to Become Leading Player

Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) is fully transforming into a “Green Enterprise”. TCC Green Energy and E-One Moli Energy, subsidiaries of TCC group, have joined forces to form a “National Team” and announced the launch of Taiwan’s first Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) Energy Storage System in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park today. The AFC system can provide ancillary service for renewable energy generated by solar and wind power be effectively stored and used, expected to connect and operate in April, TCC is becoming one of the leading players, like Tesla and Samsung, in Taiwan ESS market.

TCC chairman Nelson An-ping Chang (張安平) said that Taiwan needs green energy for sustainable development, and the “Energy Generation” of renewable energy is as important as “Energy Storage.” AFC refers to the “Energy Storage Automatic Frequency Control Ancillary Service.” Since solar and wind power is unstable due to weather condition, AFC system can play a role in power dispatch, regulating various conditions like the peak electricity consumption in hot summer or the off-peak consumption period when solar power is reducing, with its real-time ramping capability, to maintain system frequency stability and avoid power outages.


The AFC smart energy storage system launched by TCC Green Energy in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, with 5MW installed capacity, is the very first large-scale energy storage project in Taiwan. It has passed Taipower’s capacity test in mid-March and is expected to operate in April.


Taipower launched the AFC ancillary service procurement case for the first time in 2020, gathering diverse resources of energy storage from private sector to promote grid system efficiency and dispatch flexibility. More than 30 companies were attracted to bid and 5 manufacturers won the bid for 15MW capacity as a result. Acquiring 5MW capacity, nearly one-third of the total procurement volume, TCC team is the only “National Team” to fully adopt domestic production such as ternary power lithium battery produced by E-One Moli Energy and SMA converters; while other counterparts are adopted the ESS equipment or battery cells produced by Tesla, Samsung SDI and CATL.


Taipower Chairman Yang Wei-Fuu (楊偉甫) said that TCC Green Energy’s AFC energy storage system is a very important step forward for domestic production. Taipower needs to hold hand with enterprises to stabilize power supply, and TCC is the best partner. TCC is expected to play a leading role and assist the localization of ESS production in the future.


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