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E-One Moli Energy provides customers around the world with high performance cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion battery cells as well as complete battery pack solutions that meet and exceed their application requirements. Under the trade name MOLICEL®, E-One Moli Energy supplies OEM’s and battery pack assemblers with high quality lithium-ion rechargeable cells.

Our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Taiwan are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Quality Management certified sites. Utilizing these management systems allows us to provide a superior quality product to all our customers.

Energy Cells

Cylindrical Battery
Prismatic Battery
> ICP100345B 1.8Ah (pdf 116KB)
> ICP103450CA (pdf 116KB)

Cobalt based lithium-ion battery cells have a high energy density thus providing superior runtime light weight compact battery packs.

Power Cells

Power Cell
> IMR26700 (pdf 116KB)
> IMR18650E (pdf 116KB)

Manganese dioxide based lithium-ion battery cells provide high power discharge rates for applications that require high rate capability for superior power applications.

Custom Battery Solutions

Custom Battery Solutions
Please complete the Project Profile and submit your battery requirements to E-One Moli Energy. This will ensure a custom solution is developed to meet your battery needs.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions
> ME202CJ (coming soon)
> MCR-1821J 2.4Ah (pdf 116KB)
> MQC-1821B Charger (coming soon)
> Contact Plate (coming soon)

E-One Moli Energy has several standard battery packs and other battery products available for immediate integration into customers' applications.





Notice to Readers - In order to ensure a safe battery pack, the use of a properly designed safety circuit is essential. MOLICEL® lithium-ion cells are not sold as "bare cells" to consumers. The cells are required to be assembled into battery packs by authorized pack assemblers. Authorized pack assemblers have knowledge of safe lithium-ion pack and circuitry design and employ proper assembly techniques.